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Tammy Monson

Our girls are both still really into dolls. We set up "stations" around the house for the dolls...hair salon, tent for camping and fire pit for roasting goodness over, barn with the horses, concession stand for when they need a snack, pool for swimming...those dolls keep busy for hours.

Tomorrow is a day off of school...can't wait to try the couch library! We read books until I can no longer talk, then our oldest takes over until she realizes she can read much faster silently and our youngest enjoys looking at the pictures.


oooh...so much to comment on! i will totally be following your blog...we have a lot in common (i have a daughter, sea, born 07.23.05 and my son, story will be 2 in february...lots of common interests related to being a mommy, photography, writing, crafts) congrats on your new gig...will be checking it out! love the photos and craft ideas...oh and we, too, have "leonardo the terrible monster" (saw it in your book rack)...just wrote a blog post about you and hope to participate in the card swap! thanks for so much in such a short time!

On a Shoestring

Off to try freeze dancing...can't believe I hadn't thought of that yet. I'm trying to wrap up a post about a mirror an a bar of soap that might be right up your alley. Stay tuned :)


Denise, our kids are very close in age. In fact, our oldest ("Bo") had a due date of 7/26/05 but she was born a few weeks early. Thanks so much for blogging about Penny Carnival. Can't wait to read more about you and your family.

Love, love, love the doll stations, Tammy. Have to do that now.

And Emily I'm on my way to see about this mirrored soap thing.


Just found your blog and love it! I guess it's a late night for me.
Take care

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