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What a fun party, her little expression is priceless. That apron looks fantastic, I bet she is absolutely loving it.


Megan, I have really enjoyed reading your blog and checking out your latest work site as well. Fun ideas. I enjoy your creativity! I have two daughters as well. :) Tammy

On a Shoestring @ www.emilychadwick.wordpress.com

I love that apron and your choice of fabrics! On my lengthy to-do-list are coordinating aprons for each of the kids and me. Not only will we look smashing in the kitchen, the aprons will also be functional decoration on a few pegs in the kitchen. I guess stay tuned for that post...but not too tuned as I have a birthday party to plan and deadlines to meet in the next few weeks. Our Christmas decor will stay packed away until we celebrate a certain four-year-old's special day in the first part of December.

Joanna Hooley

Hi Megan, Cheryl steered me to your blog. I love your ideas! I'm so inspired. I also am glad that I'm not the only one that wants to get out th Christmas decorations already :-)


I love your blog and have been following it for quite a while now. I was wondering if there is a tute for the camp quilt. I would love and idea of how to make it. I could probably figure it out, but it would be quicker for me to have a pattern to follow so to speak.
I looked like the kids had a great time at the party!!

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Christmas. Regards

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