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OH. MY. GOD. Well, let's hope you and I don't ever run into each other in Spokane, because I am so stealing this style too!! :)

Look at this that I was just drooling over and am so going to make this weekend, along with the book sling. :) You might like it too:


Hi, I'm Kate, by the way. I'm not a stalker, really (just ask Ari; she'll tell you I'm mostly harmless.)

Mariah Neeson

I am a design sponge junkie and they often reference emerson made but I have never checked them out. Thanks for the push.

Mariah Neeson

Emerson is the mouse.


Hmm ... I left a comment here earlier and now it's gone. Anyhow, I said something like this:
Gorgeous, Kate! I can't believe the original shirt versus the finished product. Further proof that I could spend the rest of my life looking at the creative work of people online.
You sound like fun. Stick around, please. And if you're stalking me, well then, I'm stalking Emerson Made. Maybe they're stalking you? It's a big happy stalking circle.
Thanks for the correction on Emerson, Mariah. Maybe if I'd read the content instead of looking at the pretty pictures I would have figured that out. Happy to have pushed you there. Enjoy!


I stumbled onto the Emerson Made website a few weeks back. And yes, I too geeked out thinking of ways to recreate some of the outfits. Just love those flowers. I, however, didn't take down any notes :)


Ah ha ha. Yes, I'm feeling a bit ridiculous about this post. I should have just suddenly become super stylish without telling the world why and how. Thank God the Internet wasn't around when I was in high school. I can only imagine the things I would have blabbed about then.

Ariadne Rooney

OH NOES. This makes me want to be cool, and perhaps expand my shopping repertoire beyond Old Navy.

How do real people look this amazing? And Megan, I think you always look great.

Kristin Gail

I am so clueless I honestly don't even know what style or design really is. But I know I had my own little, "Make the Old Navy Boring Frump Disappear! And these gawd-awful empty walls in my dreary house! Somehow, please, bring some style into my life!" breakdown last night, and it, too, was spurred by browsing someone's blog for a couple hours (http://landandwood.com/).

It's funny, I'm so out of touch, I look at the pictures you posted here, especially the last two, and I think, "But. I wear jeans and a grey sweater, too. I don't get it. Why does she look so damn good?" Well. Of course the flower helps. And the model body. But I do think I get part of it: The clothes *fit* her. Really *fit* her! Eureka. I may be onto something here.

Thank you for furthering my desire to throw out all my belongings and start completely anew.


Kristin, you're cracking me up. I think you're onto something with the whole clothes-that-fit thing. Perhaps that's why me wearing my husband's old sweaters isn't making me a fashion plate.
As party of my Emerson effort, I wore a belt around a loose-fitting dress the other day. My mother would be so proud.
Off to check out landandwood now ... and probably get lost there for two hours, too.

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