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Nicole (Frontier Dreams)

Oh I need to check out all of the above! We just moved her in October and so far I have been stuck at home b/c it's so expensive out here but I need to get out!!


This is our big exotic vacation for the year, Nicole. We love Portland so much, it's worth saving up for. You're so lucky to have all this at your fingertips! Have fun!


We *just* got back from Hawaiian holiday... how did I miss that you would be here??!! Give a call if you have time. xoxo


We're still here, Nis! Until Tuesday a.m. When I saw you were going to Hawaii, I figured we'd miss you but maybe not! I'll facebook you.

gladys hanning

One of our favorite cities to visit! Sending warm thoughts for your trip!!xo Glad & Cel/Junebug


I grew up in Portland, and have lived in NYC since '89.

I LURVE me some Besaws.

Oh swoon.


Thanks, G & C!
Besaws is the best, Shelli. We actually went twice while we were there. Great service. Amazing food. I don't even mind when I have to stand outside in the rain and wait for a table.
Sigh. I miss it already.


Just went through Portland last week. With kids. Hit the zoo and... Fabric Depot!! Holy cow, never been in such a big fabric store. My husband said I had 25 minutes. (impossible) I came out 70 minutes later. (not bad) I heart Portland.

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