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Nice work! I like your fabric choices. Love how the spotted fabric is a complete contrast to the floral, yet picks up some of the colours.

gladys hanning

Great Looking Bag! A job well done. Love the pic of the bag in the lobby at the Hotel too. Hey! thanks for visiting, loved the Alice in Wonderland Party Pictures. So much fun. xo Celia/Junebug


Thanks, guys. It was a fun one to make. The fabric combo was suggested by Chris Mark, one of the employees at The Top Stitch (local fabric store). You can see her adorable kids' clothes here:

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If I loosened it, then the shoulder straps started to slide off. Again, tried several adjustments, but to no avail, and once again shed the whole thing in disgust and just carried my son in my arms.

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Not have to be a very creative person to make that kind of bag, so precious is easy and not slow in doing so, that's a good idea for anyone who wants to do a mini company from bags


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