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I also happened to catch the Times article. I too can't deny that I am a comment junkie. However, I don' think all blogging is the same. We all have our reasons for doing it and I don't think everyone can be lumped into one big blogging mama club.

However, I know how much time even one post takes me so I can't imagine the time heavy posters are committing to their blogs. I hate the idea of my children always seeing me in front of the computer checking on status and comments instead of tuning into them and the moment we share. And believe me, i am guilty at times...more than I care to admit. But that said, tomorrow is another day and another blog post..,or not.

PS- love those wedding shots


I became increasingly disenchanted with momblogs recently with all the contests and product reviews, so I started deleting my RSS feeds to those blogs. I just started feeling that those bloggers' voices were losing their authenticity, which had drawn me in in the first place. So even if you feel like you're being left in the dust, please know that you aren't. I continue to enjoy your posts. Thank you for all the work you do!

twirling betty

Well, if it's comments you would like then I, for one, vow to be better at leaving them. It is truly the least that can be done for people like you who do have lovely, genuine and engaging blogs.
I'm feeling a bit scared to read the NY Times article because it sounds like I will recognise myself a little too strongly and that will induce yet more guilt but I also know that it would be a farce to suggest that I will ever stop getting a thrill from comments. I truly think it's a very self-contained and secure person indeed who says they're not fussed about comments on their blog. Frankly, it's also just a relief to know your posts aren't just disappearing off into the ether!


I cringed at that article too... eek... I don't blog, at least not really, but I spend a lot of time online trying to run an online sewing business. And job hunting... and craft hunting... and on message boards, heck I spend a lot of time online, and I hate the idea of forgetting my daughter or her looking at me and going mommy mommy (which she's too young to say, well, she says it, but not really meaning it yet, since she's only 9 months).

Anyway, since I just rambled a bunch, I'm with Carolina above, I've been getting so frustrated with mom's blogs that seem like they are just after more free stuff, and more money from ads. I've stopped going to them. A contest or a review here and there is great, but goodness, some are turning that into the only thing they'll talk about. I'm starting to feel towards some mom blogs like I do towards Kate Gosling (I know that's not spelled right, but you know, Jon & Kate plus 8 minus Jon)


Right, I'm leaving you a comment for the first time! I really enjoy your blog because your writing makes me laugh out loud, and very few writers can do that. There may be a lot of beautiful blogs out there, but they don't all have your way with words! I also love the photos and links to various interesting and inspiring sites. Keep up the good work!

gladys hanning

Hi Megan, Enjoyed your post today, you do have a way with words...it always puts a smile on our face. A job well done. Thanks for stepping outside your harried (I'm sure with two little ones) daily life and opening your self up and sharing with us. xo Glad & Cel/Junebug


Thanks for sharing what is on your heart! When I started blogging it was so that family and friends in different states could keep up with my kids....then it kinda morphed into a journal for my thoughts. Now, I have fully embraced the fact that I will never finish those photo albums for my kids, never start memory books, and probably not have my sanity when they are older so my memories will be shot as well. My blog is now purely a letter from me to them, something they will have to look back on....and if I "publish" it (blurb or one of those companies) they will actually have a hard copy to fight over when I am gone.
But enough about me....I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog! Keep it up! Your party ideas are amazing and I have "borrowed" several of them! Good job!


Goodness! You guys are making me cry. I'm overwhelmed by these kind words. You have reinvigorated my desire to keep writing and to keep things simple. Thank you! Thank you!
And let's stop feeling guilty about it. Our kids get so much of our attention and energy--and that's a wonderful thing. It's OK for us to sneak a peek at our stats in between finger painting and papier mache projects, darn it!
Thanks so much for the boost, guys. I wish I could invite you all over for coffee and fattening food.


I've been reading your blog for almost two years now and you've definitely inspired me to sew more. I'm a sewing junkie now. I sent you some pics way-back-when of some of the cakes I've made for my kids and then I felt like I probably shouldn't comment much because I didn't want to come off as a stalker. (especially since my family & I have now moved to wa. I'm not following you, really.) But when I come to visit Spokane next month I'll secretly be looking around the corner to see if I can spot a great blog mom. You! Although I'm not sure that I know what you look like. But I'll recognize your girl's feet.

I don't have a brand but maybe I will someday when my babies are big kids. Big, big kids. Until then I just want to make enough to support my fabric habit. It's tough to kick. Thanks for blogging and inspiring. I will resolve to post more as long as you don't think I'm stalking. :)


I'm glad that you wrote this one, Mimi. As one who has known you personally for, well, more than half our lives now (I'm aging us but since we've known each other since we were 10 and we are now 25...ha) I can guarantee to anyone who reads your lovely blog that you are not ignoring your kids to blog. However, anyone who reads and sees your blog, sees all the photos and reads all the descriptions of the activities you do with Bo and Magpie, would know that. I love Penny Carnival exactly as it is and even though I've turned into a terrible commenter (is that a word?) I still read you all the time. I love the fact that the blog really reconnected us, as well. It's probably my favorite part. And it is, as you know, alllll about me. :) xoxo

Julie from World of Julie

Yeah, I read that NYT article too and it just made me feel like I should be spending WAY more time on my blog. But that's the part I don't get -- as a MOM blogger, how on earth are we supposed to have more time to BLOG? Blogging is fun but I have to put dinner and laundry ahead of it on the to-do list.


LOL, Charith. I would never think you were a stalker, mostly because I'm not stalker worthy. And you know, those cakes get a lot of hits on this blog. What brings you to Spokane? I can give you a list of all the good fabric stores and other great shops, if you like. In fact, I should write up a visitor's guide to Spokane here sometime.

I love you, Nis. The feelings are mutual. xoxo

Ha, ha, Julie. You're not alone. Be sure to see the post I wrote after this one.


Your blog has inspired me so much :) keep going, pls!!! dziękuję!! (that's thanks in polish;))

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