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i found your blog for the first time via ohdeeoh this week - so hello:)

twirling betty

Gorgeous hats. LOVE covering things in fabric. I'd cover my kids if they would sit still long enough. Thanks so much for the tutorial. And for the Henny Penny apron one too. I really needed one of those aprons last weekend when we were collecting olives.
PS: If this 'aint a real blog I don't know what is! Congrats on the Ohdeedoh interview.


That typewriter is great. I saw it at the show and just loved it, especially the fun 50's color. Glad you are enjoying using it. Love the party hats too-they really do look like necktie material. They would also be fun for father's day!
Two Women Art & Antiques


That's how I found you, too, Sharon! I love that garden coloring page you created. Thanks for stopping by.
Me, too, T.B. I love to fabric-ify (hmm?) my world. If you end up collecting olives in a henny penny apron one day, you must send pictures. That sounds heavenly.
Hi, Fielding! Isn't that typewriter great?! I felt lucky to snag it before anyone else could. Your show must be coming up soon, right?

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