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twirling betty

Yum, yum and yum. I'm coveting your Kitchen Aid. And did you draw that Butcher's cuts bull? Love it.
I try hard not to clang my pots too sometimes but then I sigh and try to remind myself that a time will come when I will wish they wanted to cook with me rather than locking themselves in their room listening to the Cure (yes, they will re-discover the Cure) and feeling generally misunderstood.


Oh, yeah - in our house the clanging of the pots is almost immediately followed by the dragging of the stool across the floor. I do sometimes long for those days where I'd listen to NPR and sip a glass of wine while chopping veggies blessedly ALONE. But I s'pose they'll be back soon enough, right?


LOL, T.B. As long as they play The Cure loud enough so I can hear it, too, that will be O.K. (Close to Me came on while I was on the treadmill today. So good).
Yes, Michaela, the dragging of the stool, too. A very familiar sound in our house. I long for a little NPR, too. We had Laurie Berkner's "Buzz Buzz" album going instead tonight. Could be worse.


Oh, Meegs, you *know* that you want them to play some Bel Biv DeVoe. Ha ha ha! Seriously, the meal planning has done wonders for our house in the past few years. Not only do we plan, shop, and eat more thoughtfully but we spend SO much less money. It makes life in general so much more enjoyable when we aren't (a)arguing over who "always" versus who "never" cooks, (b) spending $40 at the grocery store every other day, (c) wasting food because we have a recipe that calls for a small amount of something perishable and we haven't planned to use it later in the week in another recipe or two, and (d) saying "never mind, just make some pasta, I'm hungry!!" :) BTW, love the apron... cute!


HELP! Does anyone know where I can get the bird mobile that was featured in a previous blog?


By the way, its from Sept 14th of 2008!


Hi, Tracy. I think you mean this post, right?
I loved that wooden bird mobile. The shop that I featured that day has since closed. But I'll post the picture again in an upcoming blog post and see if anyone knows where to find it. And I might have a way of tracking down the shop owner. Stay tuned.

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