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Mariah Neeson

There is a website, I will look for it if you want, where you can make dollar bills with your face on them, or someone else in the family. The idea I read with it was to set amounts for certain chores then the child earns 'daddy dollars'. Then they had a 'shop' where the kids could either buy back toys they had lost to not cleaning up, or they could purchase special time with mom or dad or a treat or whatever you decide to put in the shop! Great idea huh?

Hollie Eastman

I loved, loved this...the toy eating goat, borders on brillance=)...Thanks for the awesome blog about the challenges of mommying!!
We try to keep allowance tied to work done, if it's not done they don't get paid, but then I have to do the work...sigh....=)
Hollie Eastman


Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment! I adore your blog and that greenhouse is crazy cool:)
xo Sharon

twirling betty

I do love reading your posts. Do give us an update on how many toys (or not) the goat sack (sounds kind of rude but there you go) has eaten.
Your "keep Barbie out of the house" totally resonated. I did my best but she, skinny little minx, defeated me. Barbie that is, not my first born.
For a while I managed to limit it to one that had been a gift. I managed to get Sophia to refer to her as Barbara (HA) and she wasn't allowed out of the bath but then she got a mermaid Barbara from Father Christmas (not me you understand, FC) and now there'a another one. Sigh. I'll just keep on encouraging Sophia to challenge her ridiculous proportions and unattainable (and frankly boring) perfection and hope for the best. You?

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