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great idea! i love the chores chart but imagine my drawing skills might actually confuse the children...maybe i'll look for stickers of what i want them to do...i forgot our children are so close in age (sea turns 5 in july and story turned 2 in february)...we'll have to compare notes on kindergarten this fall...such a big step! i LOVE your daughter's drawing on her emotions...i could so use tips on that and sea, who loves drawing could maybe use that idea, too! thanks for sharing...


Oh it's so great! I love the checkmarks on the back, what a great idea.

For what it's worth, the thrill STILL has not worn off over here, they still like finding their tickets, completing the chores and putting them in the 'done' pocket.


I love this chore chart idea! I was getting ready to make a "normal" one this week, but this one seems so much more fun! Plus, I have a four year old, too, who really needs the pictures. I'm so doing this - thanks!

And I was just talking to my husband last night about how the most prominent feature on said four year old's drawings is always the belly buttons! What's that about anyway? =)


LOL, Denise. I should say that I was looking at drawings online when I drew the pictures you see on my cards (like the bed and the trash bag). They're still pretty bad, but I had some help.
Thanks again, Jessica, for your brilliant idea.
Mandy, I know! The bellybuttons! So funny. I guess it all leads back to the womb. ;)


As a teacher and a mom, I think kids tend to save the meltdowns for at home. Our son is an angel when he is at someone else's house and throws tantrums at our house. Someone told me once that kids feel so comfortable around their parents that they "let it all hang out". I'll wager your daughter will do great in kindergarten!

Hollie Eastman

Super cute and really accessible chore chart!!


Such a cute chore chart, I love that you can change the chores.


I love this.
Your problem-solving creativity is positively inspiring.

...Now, tell me, is it completely inappropriate and infantilizing if I make one of these for my husband?


Ha, ha, ha, mkpoggie. Good idea! After spending this morning re-organizing my daughters' closets, I think the first card I would make for J would say "Put laundry away where it's supposed to go, not willy nilly all over God's green earth."
I'm sure he could think of a few cards for my chores chart, too. ("Don't leave half-empty glasses of water all over the house." "Keep craft supplies in the friggin' CRAFT room.")
Thanks, everyone. All the credit goes to Jessica at Balancing Everything for the chores chart's design, though.
Jill, it's good to get your perspective as a teacher. Thanks.

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