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Mariah Neeson

Do you need anymore ideas?! That sounds fantastic! I think you should have the same party but for adults, I expect an invite! Then you really can put a tiny can of beer in barbies hand.
I think this is a really imaginative way of combining the feminine with otherwise claimed "boy" stuff. Girls don't have to stop being girlie to do 'boy ' things .
and I am still really rooting for and anxiously waiting my adult barbie party invite!


Holy. Moly. That was a very cohesive party plan for such a random list of things. You are magic.

Okay, my favorite things are monkies wearing pants, sunflowers, Shakespeare, purple and vegetarian Tacos. My birthday is in October so you have a few months to plan.

See you then.


Ha, ha. You guys are funny. Mariah, that would make a sweet adult party. Let's plan it. Mkpoggie, I'll start brainstorming ... I'm seeing a menu that includes tacos with purple cabbage on top, relay races where teams of two have to run across your yard wearing one pair of pants and scratching their armpits like monkeys and cupcakes with ruffly collars around them like Shakespeare wore. They don't call me the About.com Guide to Kids' Parties for nuthin', ya know!!

I did forget to add one other thing I'm planning to do for Bo's party: I bought some kitschy camping fabric and plan to make her a dress to wear.


Awesome party! I might just copy the camping thing because all my daughter has been talking about is camping, "burning" marshmallows and sleeping in a tent.

But party aside, I read this and wondered, haven't we evolved enough to embrace a flat chested Barbie. I'm serious! I really can't believe we haven't seen that one on the shelves yet. They could called her Better Boobs Barbie or Backache Free Barbie or my favorite Buy 'em if you want 'em Barbie...while I'm thinking of it, where's the I've Nursed My Children Barbie or the Midlife Metabolism Barbie? I mean come on Matel...get with the times. If they were and added my suggestions to their Barbie line, I can only imagine what other goodies you might be able to throw in the hobo packs.

Ariadne Rooney

That party sounds so very cool - I want one! :) And the fabric is Hello Betty from Moda. :)


Brilliant! I'll start training for the monkey races now

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