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That bakery is adorable!

I love summer too! The evenings spent at the pool, days lounging in the shade gazing at the garden and flowers as they bloom and grow.


If I opened a bakery/coffee shop/ANYTHING, I would want it to look like that place! Awesome!


what a fun evening for the kids and dads.


twirling betty

What a lovely post. Made me come over all nostalgic for American summers. Despite never having actually lived through one! Does a Canadian summer count? Probably not.
I love your eco crowns. Your little one's "natural" Sleeping Beauty reminds me of my 4 year old's nature journal which is a tacky, plastic-covered pad with Barbie (or as I insist we refer to her, Barbara) on the front. Soooooo at one with nature.
And that murder report bird is hilarious. Shootings aside, the mobile is lovely.


You guys, that bakery is amazing. My photos don't do it justice at all. I would live there if I could. The owner is one of the nicest people on the planet, but I'm sure she would want me to go home and shower at some point.
TB, we are very close to Canada and I grew up even closer to it (20 minutes south of the border), so in my book that counts. I (heart) Canada. Now an Australian summer ... that would be nice (especially since it would take place when I'm normally under a couple feet of snow).
I can totally relate to your Barbie journal story, except we call her Babs.
Maya Made gets all the credit for those crowns. I love her ideas.

Hollie Eastman

Megan, thanks for the awesome pics from
Cake! I was able to be there last week and so loved it, I could live there too!!=)
Thanks for the great backyard camping pictures and earthy kids ideas too...hilarious last bird/newspaper picture!!!
Happy 4th...

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This is really sweet! Love the photos so much, and i love how you run this thing. I'm glad you share this one, it inspires me so much!

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