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Such cute crafts! And YES on the attitude adjustments - I can't remember an argument ever while we're camping, either! By the way - I'm just finishing up the last layer of my 4th of July jello - love it! :) Happy 4th!


That photo of your kids with their camelbaks is the best photo that I have ever seen of any person doing any thing at any time. So great.
Anyway, thanks for always sharing these activities with us. I'm going to go hug my tent mournfully now and hope my husband takes the hint...


It's so nice of you guys to look at those crafts and not say, yeah ... we're going to get our kid-craft advice from someone else. thanks anyway ...
Tracey, post pictures on Facebook when you finish your Jello! I can't wait to see it.
Thanks, mkp. I love that picture, too. I think you just coined a new phrase. Tent hugging instead of tree hugging (or in addition to). Love it.


so fun! i need to set up a crafting corner for the kids. we don't always finish or we don't always want to quit and i can't have the kitchen table a mess everyday!!!

xoxo, sarah

Jen Downing

My husband and I have that tent too! Big Agnes right? does your vestibule rainfly zipper get stuck???

Cute kids, cute blog :)

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