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Oh, I am always biting off more than I can chew like that! Optimism is sometimes a very rude thing, isn't it??
But that bunny is ridiculously cute, so I think it's a fair trade from the pretty princess doll...and, hey! You got to practice your doll making and it turned out SO lovely! Silver linings all around!


If I was a kid, I would be just as happy with an owl or bunny, so great plan B! Sooooo cute too!


hehee... very cute dolly and the bunny is soooo sweet! i love the contrast colour stitching!

i have something similar going on for my husband's surprise 40th tonight - i've cut out a whole bunch of felt *beards* for everyone to wear in an epic photo, but still have to sew them together. with a 2 year old running around. haha!

best wishes for a lovely party!


Oh, and stupid question, (and I haven't looked at the tutorial, so I don't know if that would answer it) but do you embroider the faces before or after you sew it all together? If you do it before, how do you get it in the right spot? If you do it after, how do you make it look so good? Not having done any of that "embroidery stuff", I am totally amazed!

Erin Zackey

cute plan b
reminds me I ought to start now in making the mae doll I got after seeing your previous post about this pattern. I have a few weeks, I hope I can do it! ;)
Oh and I made a similar owl back in december that took not much time either, http://erinzackey.blogspot.com/2009/12/on-twenty-thrid-day-of-advent.html
It was more of an owl pillow though. You could do that, make a bunch of animal "pillows" given it's a "Sleeping" party after all! ;)
Have fun!

Lasso the Moon

Such a great idea. Briar Rose is our favorite. Love the doll. She's perfect as a one-off.

Bethany Rodriguez

Well, I wasn't snickering but I certainly felt like there must be something seriously wrong with me that there was no way I could complete that same project in the same amount of time. (I'm so glad I'm not I'm not the underachiever mom I was beginning to feel like- although I'm still not sure I could complete the bunnies in the amount of time you've got left.)

Jenn Schlich

I've been reading for a few weeks now...love your tutorials. I used to be an over-achiever, and still aspire like one, but now with a job and a 17month old I can't get anything done! Bravo to you on the attempt and the scrapping of the plan for your sanity!


I love the optimism, MKP. It's my trademark, too.

Thanks, Angie. Hillary Lang of Wee Wonderfuls deserves all the credit.

GREAT idea, Lou. I love it. How'd it go? I'll have to check out your blog in a sec.

Angie, great question. When I made the doll, I embroidered the face after the doll was constructed, per the instructions. But I learned quickly that that's not a skill I have. It didn't turn out well, as you can probably tell from the pictures. So for the bunnies, I embroidered before construction and they came out much better. It was easy to see where the embroidery needed to go. And even if it's off a bit, I think it's kind of cute when they're crooked.

Cute owl, Erin! Pillows would have been a clever play on the theme. Maybe next year (although Boston already is saying she wants a Princess and the Frog party next year--Miss Tiana is my favorite, but is there any hope that we'll be out of the princess phase by then?)

Thanks, Lasso.

Bethany, the major key to accomplishing the bunnies was that my husband had the girls away all weekend. Had they been here, it NEVER would have gotten done. ;)

Jenn, I hear ya on balancing job + family + personal interests. Luckily, I get to multitask a bit since writing for my kids' parties site on About.com meshes so well with my interests.

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