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Lauren Elliott

Great post and good reminder!


My heart breaks at those stories. My husband and I are trying so hard to raise our children to love their neighbors as themselves...regardless of color. We encourage them to find children in their settings that may look sad or lonely and be their friend. So far, so good! Compassion is a quality we can never begin teaching too early!

Hollie Eastman

I was totally struck by Shawn's article this week too and shared it with my husband. It's something we just take for granted, that my three boys one way or another will get swim lessons. We had the two older take them this year, and will have all three next summer, but again, it's a given.
My heart already breaks for children who have a hard time for any reason because of socioeconomic/family status, so I'm just so glad that Shawn took the initiative to write this article!
We had our swim lessons at the Hillyard pool and they had to combine classes due to lack of enrollment, and when we went swimming there last weekend on a hot Saturday, it wasn't even close to packed. So much to think about, and be aware of even more. Thanks for sharing Megan, and Shawn.


Glad you're enjoying Portland! We live here and we love it! We recently had a great road trip to Spokane, though~ so right back at you!

Here in PDX, the community centers offer scholarships for swimming lessons. If you cannot afford the $44 lessons, your child can still learn to swim at a reduced price ($10, I believe). I guess with all the rivers and lakes and bodies of water here, they want every child to know how to swim for safety's sake. They also offer a week (at the beginning of summer before all the regular swim lesson sessions start) of free lessons.

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