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I LOVE the idea of a gratitude journal!! I believe that I will start one, and have my 6 y/o start one. We could write in it after dinner, as part of devotionals. I have been having some issues w/my faith, my finances, homesickness, etc. This is a great way to put things in perspective!


Jehan, your comment just reminded me of a "good things" booklet printable I linked to the other day on Facebook. I love the idea of involving kids in this. I updated the post--check out the link to the printable from Whisker Graphics at the bottom of the page. Thanks!


You are a true seamstress when you "ease"drop rather than eavesdrop! :D


Ha, ha, Charith. Thank you for the positive spin on my stupidity.

Just want to make sure my first paragraph up there doesn't sound like I invented gratitude journals. It literally was an Oprah moment for me.


Thanks for the link. I'll be printing it out. :)

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