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I LOVE that 'baby-in-a-back-pack photo'! You really are a super-mom! : )


Were you TRYING to make your daughter a vegetarian with that answer?? ha! I thought for sure she was going to sit up and ask for a hotdog for dinner. ;)

Your food looks amazing. I think I need details/recipe for those fig/blue cheese (?) bits of yumminess.


We have *completely* fallen off of the dinner planning bandwagon...and it was one of my true sanity (and budget) savers so WTH? I am haaaaating dealing with the grocery store lately so I guess maybe that is where some of my "eh" is coming from. We are making whoopie pies today for my bday, though, so I gotta get crackin' on the rest of the "real food" list. :) xoxo


Ok, so its months later. I'd just like to say that because of this post I got e-mealz. So worth it.

I also found this today and thought I'd share: http://www.easy-meal-planning.com/healthy-meal-recipe.html

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