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Wonderful! I love getting mail,real mail - not bills or junk. Maybe I should do this for myself and have my family "mail" me things :)
Ya, I'm sure they'd be in to that...


Thanks, Klay! You should do it. Imagine the collection of sweet notes you'd have over time.

twirling betty

Such a great idea. Are you ever tempted to put notes in there yourself?
And I know what you mean about the little moments of sisterly love. The other day I came upon my girls having a little cuddle and it was one of my happiest moments of motherhood ever.

Jenn Schlich

Beautiful. We have an old built in mailbox that isn't used anymore, but it has a little door inside at perfect kid height. Luna uses it to put blocks in right now, but I forsee love letters in the future. Just found out I'm preggo too, so maybe love letters between sisters. I just recently became friends with my sister since moving here, it's nice to have family to count on.


LOVE IT!!! Great post! So cute :)


Congratulations, Jenn! So how far apart will your kids be? Mine are 27 months. It was a challenge at first (Bo liked the idea of having a little sister, but not the actual little sister), but it's going beautifully now.
Thanks, guys. No, TB, I haven't left any notes in there yet. Good idea. And don't you love those cuddle moments? They make up for the crazy times, like this morning when I had to strap Magpie into her car seat half clothed because she was too uncooperative to get dressed before we had to leave for school.

Jenn Schlich

They will be 27 months as well. I has just decided to not have another, but it turns out was already pregnant when I made that decision. So, I'm still in shock a bit, but everything happens for a reason and everything will be just fine (but I'm still in shock).


What a cute idea. I have a friend who had a miniature mailbox in their garden where miniature letters from various birds and frogs were often "found" by their girls.


adorable. they will have such sweet memories.

Nikki M

This is precious! I love this idea. How incredible is it that your girls do that for each other. Thank you for sharing!


Adorable! What a great idea!! Also adorable is the hanging chair. Can you tell me where you purchased this. I must have one for my son's room...I bet it makes the perfect reading nook!

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