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Wasn't it just a beautiful night? the love was certainly in the air...not only between the two of them but also the love of all their friends for the two of them, as well. It felt so relaxed and genuine... so wonderful! I got lucky that I met and married the love o'my life at the ripe ole age of 23 but like I always told Ray: the longer you wait, the better chance you have of getting it right. You and J got it right, and I'm certain she and Colin got it right too!! xoxo


Yes, it was a beutiful evening with the perfect touches. I couldn't stop smiling for my sorority "Big Sis" finding the man of her life. Congrats to all!


Is that in Chehalis, WA? I've been to a wedding there if it is the same Red Barn Studios....it's really a gorgeous setting!


Just love the venue of this barn wedding event.

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