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Wow that is one lucky bunch of kids! Good luck, you will do great =)


faaaaabulous!! :) Enjoy!

Kim @ craftyNHmom

That's wonderful! Those kids are so lucky!!


Wait...what? I'm confused. You have, like, 4 jobs already, plus two kids, plus make all kinds of artsy stuff from scratch, plus garden and cook and have a life and et cetera et cetera et cetera. I have almost none of this going on and can barely find time to wash my pants.

I am very disturbed by your time management skills. And it kind of hurts my feelings.

Unless...wait...will YOU wash my pants for me?!

(p.s. congrats and good luck!)


LOL, MKp! I've dropped most of my other stuff. But I will wash your pants anyway, as long as you clean my house.
Thanks for the words of encouragement, everyone!


I just read the parent email announcement about the newly kindergarten teacher at my son's school. Imagine my surprise! You will love it there-I cant say enough good things about the school. Congratulations!

Two Women Art & Antiques


go go Mrs. Cooley!


Thanks, Joe.
That's true, Fielding! Of course you would be in that district. I'll have to look for your son. You're right, it is a wonderful school! I love it already. Stop by my room next time you're in the building.

Melissa K

I had no idea you were a teacher! Congratulations on your new job. :)

Now I understand why I've been missing your Dwell posts. But this has motivated me to finally subscribe to your blog so that I can keep up on your creative stuff. I've already found a bunch of fun stuff I missed!

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