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I've read about the once a month cooking but never actually tried it, or even the once a week cooking. Please let us know how you feel at the end of the month. I love the idea of having dinner ready every day.


Sounds like a great idea, but probably not for me yet...three boys, all under my feet, wanting to help...Yeah! I'm thrilled you made it happen!! Job well done!

I have to say your girls are growing way too fast!!

Blessings to you and yours for a fabulous New Year!!

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Eeek! I've always been absurdly phobic of the freezer meals thing...I just don't ever think I'll be on top of things enough to keep up with it and then I get pre-failure panic. But my husband, reading over my shoulder, just made the Homer Simpson drool noise and said, "29 frozen meals...Awwwwesoooome," so I may just have to put on my big girl pants, make an appointment with a therapist and give it shot (or make him do it). You always make things look so possible, so that's good inspiration.
Also, I laughed for about 45 seconds at the Tangled costume. It could be worse...it could be a Miley Cyrus costume.


Oh, MKP, just you wait. She keeps saying she wants a Hannah Montana birthday party this summer. Bo is way into the rock star thing right now and went to school today dressed in cowboy boots (excuse me, cowGIRL boots--she always corrects me), leggings, shorts over her leggings and a T-shirt. It was rockin'.
So far, so good on the freezer meals, guys! I don't think we're sick of anything yet and the meals are stretching out even further than I thought they would. Plus, some of the leftover ingredients (like cooked chicken, cheese, salsa, etc.) are making good lunch food. We ate out one night just for fun (hello, sushi), but otherwise all our meals have been homecooked. Yea!
That reminds me I need to pop something in the fridge tonight for tomorrow's dinner ...
P.S. Thanks for continuing to read my blog despite my sporatic postings. I have stuff to say, just never enough time to say it.


Way to go Mama, way to go!


Love it all. That is some wig!! I laughed, too. I think my husband would LOVE 29 meals in the freezer too. I did about 20 meals two years ago in preparation for the birth of our third child. So I'll start thinking about it. I've been spending way too much on groceries. Glad you're still breathing with all the business you've had! Happy New Year!!


...is busy-ness & business the same word? hmmm. Where's my english professer when I need him?


All that food, now I'm hungry. Freat website you have and the photo's are beautiful. Great job.


Those were healthy foods. It is perfect to give to your kids. Hopefully you can share the recipe also on how to make those delicious foods.


It is good that you are giving your kids with healthy foods. They do need this nutrition as they grow up.

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Nobody would complain on your too much cooking. The foods served are as delicious as what you think these are. I can see that your daughter is enjoying it as much as you were in making the food.

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