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Look at Bo's braid...and her dancing...and her sweet sister! I am feeling lonesome for you girls today. : ( xoxo


I'm always so happy to see your posts and the girls are getting so big! Love the bunnies:)


I just want to say that, as a fellow teacher of very young'uns, I totally get the major time constraints, and I appreciate that you still give us a post when you can. But I totally and selfishly miss your more frequent postings. Because you're awesome. And I have a blog addiction.


Oh, mkpoggie, you're bringing a tear to my eye. I miss my little penny carnival, too. I very much plan to get back into bloggy action this summer, and then hopefully after getting a chance to catch my breath I'll be back into a normal routine in the fall.
This year has been a whirlwind! I love teaching and absolutely made the right decision to go back to it, but I swear I haven't stopped moving since September.

Wendy Baker

Very Cute...

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