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Wow, you're back!

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Oh my goodness I stumbled on your site for something crafty then found this post on what I'd have to say is my husband and I's absolute favorite documentary "Forks Over Knives" or FOK as we refer it! We found it April of 2012 and it changed our lives completely. We live much better lives in that we feel better, cleaner, and lighter. Together we've lost a lot of weight and gained a happier life. We believe in it so much that we bought the DVD so we could lend it to friends and family along with the FOK cookbooks. We have 2 girls (1 and 4) and they love to eat whole food plant based so believe me when I say your kids will eventually know it to me know it to be normal and even get to the point where they crave it and not what the world says is flavorful food. I love meeting fellow FOK people and your crafty site is inspiring as well

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